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About me:I have been online more then 20 years.

I have create over 100.000 digital contents photos and videos.

I have helped over 2000 local businesses on digital media campaigns. views and over 1.200.000 content shares for all the digital media Campaigns.

About you:I  can help and advise any local business on digital media campaign.

I can help any business online to target the right audience via unpaid campaign.

I can advise for free any business based on Ealing,Hammersmith,Bayswater.

All our digital campaigns are unpaid,if you are business and you can create professional content videos and photos, we can advise you how to spread the message via digital media and get 100,000 to millions views on your digital media campaigns,it cost you zero money,it is all about how to do it,and I am happy to help and advice for free,as I love to help others,and for me it is all about others.

If you can't create digital content and don't know much about digital media channels,of course I can help any business,but this is paid service,as it is more then just me to create professional content,content is the king for any digital media campaign and it needs experts to create the right content to match your brand and to get the right audience for your digital media campaigns online.

What is cost if I do it for you: it is all depend on what you looking to get from this campaign,depend on the size of the business and ability to serve as well.

Example: Creating digital content videos and photos can cost from £500 for small businesses to £10.000 or more,depend on the business and size as well.


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